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DigiCig is an authorised Master Agent for Intellicig.

Intellicig is the world's leading manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes. The Intellicig Evolution is the most advanced e-cigarette available. Intellicig are the ONLY UK producer of nicotine cartridges, where the e-liquid is manufactured to known and exact European standard.premier intellicig partner

DigiCig is unique.

DigiCig provides Intellicig's products through an approved team of local Partners, all of whom are in direct contact with their end user customers, to ensure full information, advice & support is provided. We firmly believe that

We do not make, or give false promises.

DigiCig is not a marketing website selling a range of e-cigarette products; we are a real life community of people who have made the switch from cigarettes to the Intellicig.

We invite our Customers to be an active part of our world

Every new DigiCig member receives a personal email with genuine hints and tips and invitation to join our membership website and contribute their experiences with the Intellicig via photos and video, and through our live chat facility.

Trust is paramount.

We strongly believe in ethical business practices for long term success and count customer service and contact as our key priority. We are genuinely passionate about helping smokers regain control over their lives, either by using Intellicig as an alternative to smoking, or as a cessation aid by reducing the amount of their nicotine intake over a gradual period.

As such, our Customers really DO count:

Intellicig Electronic Cigarette

The Evolution has taken Electronic Cigarettes to a new and exciting level and has now firmly established itself as both the market leader and a technological innovator.e-cig diagram

Intellicig is committed to consistently improving & redefining the Evolution in order to offer unrivalled levels of performance and quality. The Company continues to reinvest in order to bring its Customers the most enjoyable e-smoking experience.

The Intellicig unit consists of: Battery, (re-chargeable) Battery Charger, Vapour Device, Cartridges. (Each cartridge lasts approx. 6 cigarettes- many marketing website claim e cigarette cartridge life as up to 20 cigarettes, this is false)

The new 2012 model, the 'Evolution' electronic cigarette has been designed in the UK by Intellicig and is unique. It might look similar to other electronic cigarettes on the outside but the secret of its' success is in the advanced technology that lies within, for example the ALL ELECTRONIC Auto activation system and 4HA - 4 Hole Atomisation.

5 Unique features of The Intellicig Evolution Electronic Cigarette

  1. Our own Smoke-Safe (TM) software (also provides consistent power throughout battery discharge)
  2. New vaporising activation device (totally electronic, provides perfect & consistent activation)
  3. Smart-Battery (TM) Technology (protects vaporiser when cartridge is expired)
  4. 4HA Vaporiser out performs & outlasts all others (will last typically over 12,000 inhalations)
  5. Genie Lithium Battery (at least 600 recharges compared with others at 300)

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From £24.00

Contents of the Intellicig Starter Kitstarter kit

We believe that the Evolution pack represent excellent value for money, with 5 cartridges providing the equivalent of 35 cigarettes, (or 1 packs of 20). At an average £6.00 per pack for premium brand cigarettes, this equates to a cost of £10.50 alone!

Intellicig batteries are high powered lithium batteries that maintain output across the maximum range.

The Evolution is 108mm with the Genie Battery, and is 8mm in diameter.. We also supply the Mighty Atom battery as a separate item, slightly shorter than the Genie in making the Evolution 95mm in length.

Evolutions' feature an upgraded pressure switch and a microprocessor that has been programmed to our exacting specifications in order to optimise both performance and safety. We have carefully remodeled the vaporiser to truly replicate the effect of smoking by means of a tapered heat chamber and increased element absorption area. That's a whole lot of high technology to squeeze into such a slender and elegant body. The Evolution has a safety cut-out feature programmed into its microprocessor. Inhaling on the EVO for 5 seconds or more will activate the cut-out which switches the unit off for 2 minutes. This is designed to protect the vaporiser from overheating and to protect the user from overuse.

We want our customers to enjoy the smoking sensation of the Evolution but we also feel that we have an obligation to make that experience as healthy as possible, which is why we took a collective decision to include the cut-out feature in the design.

The Refill Capsule

The science behind the product is held within the cartridges which are made in the UK at Intellicig's production facility.

The contents of the cartridge are the design of Intellicig and are mixed by pharmaceutical mixing companies to ensure quality and consistency. These are then injected by robotic technology in to the plastic cartridge at Intellicig's facility.

The vapour that is emitted from the Intellicig is Glycerine, which is used in most over the counter purchased medicines.

The cartridges are available in Regular and Menthol flavour, & with different strengths of nicotine to allow a user to best match their smoking experience with regular cigarettes. This also gives the user an opportunity to reduce the amount of nicotine they intake over a period of time.

Customer Comments
For the first time in over 20 years, I went to work this week without my cigarettes, but instead with my EVO. Rather than feeling scared and anxious at being exposed, I felt liberated. My work mates have noticed a huge change in my attitude already


My children used to ask me how the give up campaign was doing. Some 4 months after starting with the EVO, they don't even bother to ask!
I thought I must let you know how brilliant the Evolution is. Having tried a few different e-cigs and been very disappointed, this is just what I have been looking for. I can honestly say this is the closest thing to smoking that I have ever experienced. The build quality is excellent. I wish them every success with the launch of such a great product and will be spreading the word!
It's amazing! I love it and everyone I've showed it to is equally amazed. It is the closest thing to the real cigarette and genuinely gives the 'hit' hoped for.


I've shown it to a person who flies the Atlantic every week and she is 'beyond' excited that she can 'smoke' during the hours in the air.
This is a great product for people that enjoy smoking but know how bad normal cigarettes are for you. The sensation and taste may seem a little odd at first but I really enjoy the smooth 'smoke' the Evolution provides and find it gives a more satisfying 'hit' that my roll-ups were giving me. I would normally smoke about 4 roll-ups on my way to work in a morning and this morning I've had 10 inhalations on the Evolution instead and feel more than satisfied. I would recommend this product to any smoker in replacement to normal cigarettes
Excellent product, I had been a smoker for 35yrs and was suffering all the ill effects from this hence no choice I had to stop smoking. I was introduced to electronic cigs on the 23/10/08 and since then have tried several models and makes of e-cigs some OK some not so OK. Then after reading about the Evolution, I thought I would give it a try. Best thing I ever did, I received my EVO two weeks ago the day after I ordered it, I was able to commence using it straight away and was happily puffing away before the post man had returned to the top of the lane. Five stars
Just received my intellicig its brill it's the only product I've found that gives me the REAL sensation of smoking. Will let you know how i get on. Thanks a lot!

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